Appreciation of my country, the U.S.A.

If you can look past the dirogitory comments in this article, the user poorindgrad reminds us all of the meaning to live here in the USA. With this being a new year, I’m going to try to remember his comments and appreciate my country.

His comments specifically:

(1) A young person can study whatever he wants to study and make a good life for himself. This is the single most important feature here. Sooner or later politicians will spoil this I am afraid but hold on to it and the society will have hopeful, cheerful and positive youngsters.

(2) I find America to be very open to new people, new food, new clothes….whatever. It is very amazing and nice. I did not even know so many different kinds of foods existed in this world until I came here. Maybe it is because people here can afford various things. Whatever the reasons maybe, the adventurous nature is very commendable.

(3) I feel like politicians pay a heavy price for their transgressions. I have seen evidence for it. In India there are confirmed thugs in power. Murderers, thieves, and scoundrels seem to be unable to get political power here after their action are known. That is a good thing.

(4) There is a general politeness. I haven’t seen anyone ill-treat me for being brown.

(5) I think the country is business friendly and that is good. In India, by the time you start a business, you have already bribed a dozen people….and then every dealing with the government is a nightmare. Things are getting better….but here things are much more streamlined.

(6) There is heated debate about a lot of things here. It is a good thing. It is ok to call a politician a donkey or a monkey and all is cool. If you do that in India, you’ll be in some kind of trouble for sure. Being able to keep politicians on a leash (to the extent possible) is a good thing and I see that here.

more in the AMA as the question come up…

via I am an Indian computer professional working in USA. I find USA to be an amazing country where a person can realize his full potential. I know that it sounds like a fairytale but that is how I see it. AMAA (Ask Me Absolutely Anything). India, Religion, Culture whatever… : IAmA.