Distinguish Between “Idle Time” and “Leisure Time” to Avoid Wasting Time.

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This  post is just too funny not to repost here. Only the geeks will appreciate this one.

Things I am not allowed to do any more « DadHacker.

Blogging seems to be a task that many people do. I’m not sure why, but there are so many people in the scene that it has become a business and job title. From what I know, blogging requires alot of writing and upkeep for fresh content. This is why I have started so many, only to never visit or even remember the free blogging account I created. (e.g. eblogger…)
This is another attemp to write a successful blog, yet with the understanding of my trend. I think the trick to blogging, for someone like me (lives with ADD, and prone to start with excitement and never finish because of bordem) is to not take it to seriously. My intention is to “Just Do It” and not worry about being perfect. Firstly, I’m going to work towards creating a habit of writing, at least, every week. Then, start to organize and select a focus of topics. But, I know the biggest challenge will be sticking to it.
We shall see.